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A patented versatile mobile scatter radiation shield. 

It mounts to existing IV poles while allowing adequate space for attached medical devices and preserving IV pole stability. This insures simple functionality and a significant reduction in space and equipment costs. The ability to mount directly to existing IV poles permits an excellent radiation barrier near every source of ionizing radiation.


  • Attaches quickly to existing IV poles.

  • Easily accommodates IV pumps and other equipment.

  • Core of 23" x 31", 0.5 mm thick, pure lead sheet greatly reduces radiation exposure to circulating staff.

  • Cardiologist undistracted by nurse location during fluoroscopy and cine.

  • Frees lab floor space by replacing "roll around" shielding.

  • Reduces procedure time by allowing nurse to remain at IV stand during fluoroscopy and cine.

Rad Guard patient side

Staff side

Patient side



"An obvious solution to nurse protection."

"A no-brainer."

A highly hazardous location for the nurse during fluoro/cine is near the IV pole.

The Rad-Guard® makes it one of the safest places.

Radguard vascular surgery

     New application for the Rad-Guard®


A vascular surgery unit in SC attached a Rad-Guard® 

to the lower half of an existing IV pole with the upper section removed, making a convenient and highly effective mobile shield for the anesthesiologist.


                    (The change-over took less than 5 minutes.)


Radguard Bracket

Attachment Bracket

US Patent # 9,795,346

Issued Oct. 24,2017

Proudly Made in the USA

PlastiCraftsmen LLC, Roebuck, SC

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