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Cardiovascular TransRadial Access Platform:


  • Shield reduces scatter radiation to cardiologist head by an average of 64% .  All other components are radio-lucent.

  • Superior to and more economical than disposable "Pads".

  • Elevated arm platform allows a lower procedure table, further decreasing radiation exposure to operator eyes and head.

  • Ergonomic modular design:

         - Reduces delays in urgent cases (e.g. STEMI)

         - Provides ample work space for instruments and for device    


         - Keeps patient's arms level, reducing set-up delays (e.g.

           stacking towels).

  • Prevents loss of wire/catheter positioning by left arm drops in Left Radial Access/Right Operator Side procedures.

  • Disinfectant-proof HDPE polymer.

  • No uncleanable joints which hide pathogens and contaminants.

  • Larger shield, located directly between scatter radiation source and the operator. 

  • Left arm support (Left Radial Base) more secure than in other boards....not dislodgeable by patient withdrawal reflex. 


Only the Shield absorbs radiation, having a 1mm thick lead core sealed in HDPE polymer.

All other Cardio-TRAP® components are fully radio-lucent, allowing a clear and normal fluoroscopy image.  All Cardio-TRAP® components are disinfectant-proof.

Left Radial Base
Cardio-TRAP Upper Shield
Right Radial Base

Left Radial Base - Much quicker and safer than placing towels under the left elbow to support the left arm during a left radial procedure. Complications from the left arm falling from the chest and displacing wires and catheters are prevented with the Left Radial Base of the Cardio-TRAP®.   


Radial Shield - Proven to reduce operator head exposure to scatter radiation 64%.  Also prevents the patient from involuntarily grasping and contaminating a right femoral access site.

Femoral Shield Cardiotrap

Femoral Shield option allows more comfortable femoral access, especially in thin patients, but with 20% less shielding area.  

Cardiotrap full shield

Full Radial Shield - Many Cath table pads allow the lower right cut-out of the standard Shield to be filled, providing approximately 20% more shielding area. Length and height are the same as in the standard Shield.  Also available in the "femoral" version.

Cardiotrap Right Radial Base

Right Radial Base - Elevated platform to keep patient's arm level. Provides work space for instruments and device alignment. Allows a lower table position, which can reduce operator radiation exposure up to an additional 21%.  

No interference with C-arm positioning.

Left arm board can be placed beneath patient's arm for right radial procedure, as in left access (see instructions), with the right hand taped to it. This allows the patient's arm to be swung freely to any angle on the Right Radial Base.  

A Cardio-TRAP® "system" includes:

  • 1 Base Board

  • 1 Shield (Radial or Femoral, standard or Full)

  • 1 Right Radial Base

  • 1 Left Radial Base

  • 1 Left Arm Board


Base Board can be combined with any one, two, or all three attached components.


Additional components available separately.


IMPORTANT: REMOVE all Cardio-TRAP® attachments (Right Radial Base, Shield, and Left Radial Base) prior to moving the patient to and from the procedural table.  The Base Board is intended to remain with the table (see instructions).


Product improvement and customer service are our top priority.  Trans-Radial Solutions will repair any component of the Cardio-TRAP as long as the damaged component is returned to the factory for evaluation.  All repairs will be made usually within five working days, and normally includes the latest upgrade of the returned component.  Most repairs will be free of charge, but if Trans-Radial Solutions determines that a broken component is a result of anything other than normal use a nominal fee may be charged for the repair. 

Proudly Made in the USA

PlastiCraftsmen LLC, Roebuck, SC

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