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The Trans-Radial Team

 The PlastiCraftsmen Team


Andrew W. Shealy - Andrew has extensive experience in general fabrication, especially the welding of a wide range of metals and plastics.  His obsession with quality and practical mechanical creativity are fundamental to our corporate culture.  He is the head of Research and Manufacturing at PlastiCraftsmen, LLC, and is Chief Executive Officer.

Robert M. Shealy, PhD - A Human Anatomy and Physiology professor for over 25 years, Dr. Shealy provides basic scientific expertise for product development and applications.  


Clients and Associates


Trans-Radial Solutions LLC


Trans-Radial Solutions designs and develops radiation protection equipment for the Heart Catheterization Industry.  PlastiCraftsmen assembles the Cardio-TRAP® and all of its components for Trans-Radial Solutions.  The Cardio-TRAP® is a radial access system that reduces the scatter radiation dose to the cardiologist and assistant by more than 60%.  PlastiCraftsmen also produces the Rad-Guard® for Trans-Radial Solutions.  The Rad-Guard® is a stand-alone IV pole mounted shield designed to protect the cath-lab nurse from scatter radiation.  All of Trans-Radial Solutions products are made of HDPE.  


Shimadzu Medical Systems USA

PlastiCraftsmen designed the REM-GUARD® for the Shimadzu, Sonialvision G4, X-Ray table.  The REM-GUARD® is a table-side radiation shield assembly that attaches to the standard handle grip of the G4 table.  The REM-GUARD® has a 12mm thick lead (Pb) acrylic sheet in an HDPE frame.  A latching device designed by PlastiCraftsmen holds the REM-GUARD® securely in place during vertical table use.  The REM-GUARD® is Shimadzu part number SM-4072 and is sold as standard table equipment in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. 


Dixie Rubber & Plastics

PlastiCraftsmen is the "go to" company for Dixie Rubber & Plastics when their customers need plastic fabrication for products such as wash tanks, wash trays and storage tanks.  PlastiCraftsmen also works closely with Dixie Rubber & Plastics to provide the materials needed to build the Cardio-TRAP®, Rad-Guard® and REM-GUARD® for Trans-Radial Solutions and Shimadzu Medical Systems USA. 


Dipstick Coatings


PlastiCraftsmen fabricates and installs the dividers of the bathtub-sized water tanks that Dipstick Coatings uses in the coating kits they build and sell across the US.  PlastiCraftsmen does all of Dipstick Coating's work on-site due to the large size of their water tanks.


Piedmont Manufacturing

PlastiCraftsmen uses Piedmont Manufacturing for all of its machine work.  Piedmont Manufacturing has always provided PlastiCraftsmen with very professional service at reasonable prices.  Unlike most machine shops, Piedmont Manufacturing is able to tell a customer when their order will be ready.  This helps set them apart from their competition.   

TCT, Washington DC, 2016

Dr. Shealy demonstrating a Cardio-TRAP® setup at TCT-16

ACC.15 San Diego

TRS Team at ACC
TRS Team at ACC

The TRS team at our first ACC Expo

Proudly Made in the USA

PlastiCraftsmen LLC, Roebuck, SC

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